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I am a storyteller who’s applied that expertise to customer-centric content and product marketing for industry analyst firms, technology brands, and marketing agencies. My particular expertise lies in running voice of the customer programs and competitive intelligence programs and infusing the resulting data into content optimization strategies to ensure messaging meets the needs of the target customer in highly competitive markets.

I am very focused on determining content effectiveness and relish testing new content types and topics to see what has the biggest impact. This has included blogs, client case studies, bylines for news outlets, and collateral for lead gen and webinars, email programs, and educational collateral for customer marketing programs.

My particular accomplishments include:

* Increasing site traffic by more than 150% in 12 months
* Powering $300,000 of closed-won opportunities with a customer reference program
* Doubling usage of a SaaS product in three months
* Creating multi-channel integrated marketing communications plans targeting existing customers
* Tripling year-over-year response to an annual customer experience survey
* Working with freelance writers on optimizing digital content for search
* Creating, launching, and analyzing market-leading research surveys on financial operations topics
* Managing editorial calendars for blogs with tight turnarounds and aggressive posting schedules